In response to the continuing COVID-19 contagion, and the advent of cold and flu season we are taking every possible precaution to suppress the spread of the infections, to protect our patients and their families.


Our Facility & Staff

  • Halosil (TM) hydrogen peroxide fogger system sanitizing each room and operatory

  • Vanguard Gold Mobile -extraoral aerosol capture suction device in operatory

  • UV lights in the Air circulation system and operatories to destroy viruses & bacteria in the air

  • Glass partitions at reception have been added to prevent droplet spread

  • Ventilation- between patients windows are opened and air vented to the outside

  •  Single use disposable personal protective equipment

  • We have added a third operatory so sanitizing can occur in one room while work continues in the others

Our Patients

  • The schedule has been restructured to limit patient overlap in lobby

  • We provide hand sanitizer and gloves for patients as a precaution against touch exposure

  • Pre-screening all patients for symptoms before appointments.

  • Monitor body temperature upon entry to the office



All of these precautions are in addition to the rigorous infection control procedures we have always practiced. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions for us.