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We met at Boston University Dental School. Dr Ruth Murphy grew up in Windsor. Dr Thomas Cronin grew up in Dorchester.MA

Dr Ruth Murphy

We met at Boston University Dental School. Dr Ruth Murphy grew up in Windsor. Dr Thomas Cronin grew up in Dorchester.MA

Dr Thomas Cronin

There are 4 primary kinds of General Dentist.

1. Fine Dentistry: Both patient and provider are dedicated to achieving  optimal health and repair. After a thorough exam the doctor and patient develop a treatment plan and set goals to protect and preserve the oral health system. Good daily oral hygiene habits and a consistent regime of professional examinations and cleanings to prevent decay and  gum disease as well as immediate treatment of any problems that do arise are essential to reach ideal health, function, comfort, longevity, and  beauty.

2. Maintenance Dentistry: Good quality dental care with effective preventative measures, and oversight by a primary care dentist but when the patient is unwilling or unable to pursue optimum repair. Intermediate measures may be used like silver, and/or plastic fillings rather than porcelain

3. Repair Dentistry: Teeth are filled as they break and patients may occasionally have teeth cleaned. No long term care for prevention, bite problems or gum disease is practiced. This type of relationship is not beneficial for the patient or provider. These patients tend to visit different dentists for every problem “hate dentists” and have no idea what good dental care can do for them.

4. Emergency Dentistry: Patients are seen only for emergencies. The majority of these patients will eventually lose their teeth due to the lack of comprehensive care.

Please Note: While we are happy to treat your dental emergencies, and we want you out of pain: at Windsor Family Dentists we practice Fine and Maintenance Dentistry. With comprehensive care we make sure your long term oral health is at it’s best.

Our married team of dentists, Thomas F. Cronin, DMD, and Ruth E. Murphy, DMD, have been serving Windsor and the surrounding communities in Connecticut since 1986.

Through advanced technology, individualized care, and exceptional treatment, they have helped hundreds of families and individuals return to optimal oral health.

Dr. Cronin and Dr. Murphy focus on giving you the individual time and care you need to achieve all of your dental health goals.

From preventive dentistry to implants, Dr. Cronin and Dr. Murphy can meet all of your dental needs. They invite you to contact our office today to schedule your appointment and begin improving your oral health and smile now.

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